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This is a story of a simple paintball gun war that went into mayhem and blew up a lot of friendship over in San Diego valley area where I live and the paintballs were everywhere and the cleanup crew for the municipality had to work very long hours for getting rid of the paint from the streets and from the houses which was damaged by previous storm too, how disheartening is that to hear from me and I am worried that I made your day a little bit worse than it already was and I am sorry for that really and I apologize from deep in my heart.

So the story was of a very hot day in the summer when in the university botanical zoo there were some war of the geeks going on with paintballs and I think they were some call of duty fans and they were getting the taste of the real war in the form of a lame paintball gun battle and they were looking very warmed up and very excited about that too and I cannot blame them because they are what I often call and not feel ashamed while calling it that they are retarded people and I don’t care I am being racist or rude but I will call them that any day of my life and I will not be apologizing to the cunts that calls themselves geeks and brings paintball guns to a battle. Real battle had to be by hand or better yet is sword fight and I really would love to be a part of that even though I have no knowledge of sword fight but I think I can manage because I was managing my whole life and I will truly say that I have been a geek myself.

The fight started because one group of band of geeks friendly fired and that was it and they went rouge and they started a mayhem and they started shooting everybody and as they got a bit ruthless they started being very much into performance as they have been doused in some sort of paint thinner of some sort of hyper coffee which made them so sneaky.

The one who shot a friendly bullet will be disqualified so he got out of the hiding and showed himself to the people and they started shooting at him like a maniac and that was the clue for them to get rouge because before they were not coming out of their hiding and they were moving very slowly as they wanted some other group to get eliminated and they wanted to free ride to the championship final battle between the two remaining group and I would have been disappointed if they have no done that because I like to think that the geeks are the biggest cowards of all and they have little to no dignity at all because if they did they would not have been geeks for god’s sake so please I ask you to not be a geek and rather be a man and if that is hard be a human.

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